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Hidden in the vault of history are the eighteen years of travel, study and initiation of the most famous, inspired and misunderstood man who ever lived. Known as the ‘DAYSTAR’, he was educated in India, enlightened in Tibet, recognized in Greece and initiated in Egypt, before returning to his homeland to begin his Ministry.


But as his following grew, men in power saw him as a threat to their known order and sought to take his life. They plotted against him, falsely charged, tortured and killed him. Then, to their amazement they saw him again, after his well-publicized and gruesome murder, walking in the Gardens of Siloam.


What cannot be denied is that the existence of this man changed the course of human history. The full story of his life could change humanity forever. ‘Daystar’, the screenplay, is that story, bringing the humanity back to Yeshua Ben Yosef, following his travels as the Daystar,  what he learned, who he was and how he became Jesus, the Christ.


DAYSTAR: (adventure/drama/mysticism) WGA #918052

 At age twelve, DAYSTAR is at the Temple when his conversation with the Rabbi is overheard by the great PRINCE RAVANNA of India. Moved and inspired, the Prince befriends Daystar and invites him to his homeland to learn the wisdom of Brahma.
 In India, Daystar establishes relationships, making friends and foes. He earns a following among the common people. He makes powerful enemies with the controversy that he creates over their caste system; ultimately this divides the country into war.
 With his friends murdered and himself branded as a revolutionary, Daystar is sent fleeing over the Himalayas into Tibet. In the mountains he has visionary and spiritual experiences. In Tibet, he learns the wisdom of the Buddha and earns a reputation as a Healer.

The death of his father, YOSEF, brings Daystar back to his homeland but to the dismay of his brother YAAKOV, he decides to continue his travels, to “know the great thought of Greece and to go to Egypt, “where are hidden all the worlds’ most secret things.

In Greece Daystar is read by the ORACLE OF DELPHI and recognized as “the Living Oracle.” In Egypt he endures the hardest INITIATIONS of their priesthood, having to ultimately choose between his truest love or his mission on earth (love of flesh or love divine). In the Temple of the Sun, Daystar passes as the ‘Greatest Initiate’.
 Daystar then returns to his homeland with knowledge gathered from his travels of the world. He employs stories and symbols from other lands to begin a Ministry that would change the world forever. His enemies were awaiting him though, and in only three years, as he won the love and trust of the people, the establishment sought to take his life. As his following grew, men in power saw him as a threat to their authority and plotted against him. They falsely charged, tortured and publicly humiliated him, then they killed him.
They didn't count on what was to happen next, when they saw him again, after his well publicized and gruesome murder, walking in the Gardens of Siloam. 
In death Daystar transforms his flesh from mortal to “flesh divine”, rising in new form, and in turn materializing before the PEOPLE, the RABBI, His TEACHERS in all countries, proclaiming, “I come as spirit and as man. My essence quickened and the substance of my body raised to a higher tone. I manifest at will in the earth or in the planes above.”
 He ascends at Mt. Olivet but not before astrologically revealing when he will return again, “When the Man with the Pitcher walks forth across the arc of heaven, look for my signet in the eastern sky.”
 Down through the ages Daystar’s story has been edited and the truest, most meaningful parts stolen from us.
 Daystar, the story and the message lost to history, until now.


JEAN GALLIANO was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.

A Writer, Visionary, Dream Researcher and published Poet, Jean was inspired by ‘Divine Intervention’ in her personal life. She went on to research the life of Christ and was compelled by missing pieces in the stories pertaining to His life. She teamed up with Stan Jankaitis in 1999 to write the screenplay DAYSTAR.

STAN JANKAITIS was born and raised in the hard coal region of PA. A musician, singer and songwriter as well as author, he began playing in local garage bands at the age of 15. He has many songs published and had a 45 release on the DAKA label of which he wrote the songs.

He has short stories published by Computeredge, Nickelodeon, True Romance, and The Storyteller (won 2nd place for a story titled "Train Ride To An Echo"), and has had comedy skits published by Brookyln Publishers, (Jeb and the Bank Loan).

Stan is a playwright and has also written 9 feature-length screenplays, and is currently writing his novel, Instinct of Survival, as a feature screenplay.

 More from Stan:   http://www.brookpub.com/jeb-and-the-bank-loan-p-243.html


IN SEARCH OF: Inspired Director, Producer, Agent, Individual to bring DAYSTAR to the BIG SCREEN

If you are an Agent or Director, Producer, Production Company etc, and you like the premise of our screenplay,  we are interested in hearing from you.

We believe in the great need for our material at this time when it is documented that 20 MILLION CHRISTIANS are leaving comventional churches in our country alone, in search of other messages and means for realizing CHRIST.

The story of DAYSTAR gives another fresh and needed perspective on the life of Christ never before presented on film this way.





Religion is a Child Born

(dedicated to Wil Perkins

And all the Children who have gone before us)

Israel waits...

Buddha sits stone faced in the garden

on a good day,

on a bad day

the water is moving down

the mountain

...falling on the brows of Christians

Two thousand years of words to die for

Krishna's chanting

Poets ranting

broken rules and broken hearts

The music grows harder and louder

The dancers have all gone mad!

Shiva, help us

Storms and voices clash

Spirit dreams

and floats into an astral wilderness

searching for pure heart

...In the Earth, men play their part

war and wars take place

black smoke erases a blue star

From afar, Seraphim hear

the scented prayers of Islam

and gather sparks from out of the darkness

Some of the children will sleep tonight

but some will go as shining stars

falling thru the sky

A quiet repose

on the etheric mist

A time to listen and not to resist

The tiny voices we mistake for angels

are those of our own children

telling us a better way

Jean Galliano

2000 All rights reserved



* MANDALA OF SYMBOLS by: William Staniscia /All Rights Reserved 4226